Confidential Document Scanning

Converting your documents to digital format is a fantastic means of insuring they stay safe, secure and easily accessible, not to mention save a whole load of space.

We can scan your documents to digital format and deliver your electronic documents to your chosen media device – USB, CDR, CDRW, DVD, Etc.

Once your paper documents are scanned, should you require us to do so we can bind and present them in an organised and presentable fashion and should needs be we can securely destroy them for you with our secure shredding service (link)


Understanding, most documents are of a highly confidential nature to most, we can guarantee the highest form of integrity and confidentiality throughout the service.

So don’t waste your time searching through oceans of archived boxes to find that all important document when you could have the ability to quickly and easily access the pages you require by simply searching a file name or specified key word.

You can bring to us your box of documents and binders; we will take it apart, replicate it, and reassemble it with meticulous attention to detail. We provide scanning (OCR), copying, binding, document enlargement.

Do you have more documents than you can handle? Our on-site equipment solutions will help you cut costs, reduce document storage and streamline your printing processes.

If you have space dedicated to old paper documents then let us help reduce your document storage costs. We have experience working on small and large projects and confidentiality is of up most importance to us.

Our team prepares the documents by removing any staples or paper clips, we scan the documents making sure the images are captured correctly and without error then index/name the files as detailed in your recommendations. Scanned documents are returned via CD/DVD/USB (Ask us about our Branded USB Sticks)

Originals can be recycled or returned to the customer.


There is a number of benefits to digitizing your documents

  • Reduced Storage Costs
  • Easy Retrieval and Organisation
  • Remote Access to Documents
  • Digitized Documents Can Be Included In Office Back-Up Recovery Plan