Document Binding



Our dedicated team offer you a fast & efficient binding service and at great prices too!

We have over 35 years of experience in the binding industry and we pride ourselves on our expertise and professionalism.

Whatever you’re binding needs may be, you can rely on us for a quality service.

Should you have a particular preference, we offer a wide range of binding formats to match your needs.

If not, a member of our team will be at hand to advise you of the best fit in relation to your binding requirements.

Give us a call or drop into our premises – We will be happy to talk you through your options!



Wiro binding enables the pages to move freely around a spiral spine, allowing the user to open the document out flat without being held open, so it’s an ideal solution for notebooks, instruction manuals, text books, cookery books, calendars and atlases.

We have a large selection of wiro binders in house to assist in completing all of your wire binding requirements.

Our wiro spine selection is large, varying in sizes from 6mm  32mm. We have a range of colours to match your preferences.

We can provide you with acetate and card sheets to cover the documents front and back and complete the presentation of your documentation.



Similar to wiro binding, again these spines are available in a selection of colours and increase in sizes up as far as 33mm, holding up to 265 sheets, depending on the paper weight. This bind type is commonly used in the production of school journals



Comb Binding consists of a colour plastic ‘comb’ attached to the spine of a document. Again, with the option of an acetate and card back to finish the presentation, with this bind, the book lies flat but cannot be opened 360 degrees.



Also known as adhesive strip binding, this type of binding is commonly used in the publication of telephone directories. The adhesive when dry secures the pages within the document.


The Unibind method is different in the since it utilizes the latest steel binding technology, which uses resin, rather than glue, in a steel channel to bind the document’s pages together.

Hard and soft back cover options are available through the use of this method – Both covers come in a variety of colours and sizes.The end result is very reliable, neat and of the highest presentation standard

If you aware of exactly what type of binding you require and you need to have your document printed as well as bound you can email your document directly to us.

If your document is in Microsoft Word format we prefer if you could convert it to a PDF format as this will insure the configuration of the document will remain the same through the print process, you can do so through the link provided below.

Should you experience any difficulty with the conversion process, just forward your document to us as is and we can complete this step for you. 

Please specify your preferences in your email or request a call back from our team to discuss.