Cradle to the Grave

It is becoming more important than ever to make memories to hold in your hand. Instead of a thousand photos hidden away on a smartphone, memories can become something you can touch and show to others. Presentation Binding makes it possible for customers to create a personalized product which represents you as an individual.
You are unique. There is no one in the world like you. So create a book that represents you.

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Condolence Books

Let us create a personalized printed book of condolence for your loved one.

We can convert messages of love and support from friends and family in the condolences section of into an elegant hard bound condolence book in beautiful gold foil print.

Is there a particular verse, poem or wording that you wish to use? Let us create the memorial book that reflects your loved one.

All you need to do is either call our offices on 021 4303811 or email and our staff will only be too happy to help and advise.



Diary of a Lockdown Kid 2021


During lockdown in 2020 at Presentation Binding we came up with a genius idea!!
We created personal foiled hardback diaries for your little ones to keep a log of all their beautiful drawings and stories.
It is fantastic to keep them all in one personalized book!! 2021 has brought more restrictions. Plenty of time to create new magical work! Also an excuse to get them off the devices for a few minutes…
Choose from our templates or create your very own bespoke book and let their creative juices flow!